YWCO Soccer Athens Georgia

We're officially over the mid-season hump with week six underway on another beautiful afternoon in Athens, Ga. With four games left, the playoffs are still in reach for every team out there. Because of this, I thought today would be a great day for a bit of a round up to highlight some of the great things going on around the league this season.

Most Goals Scored: 33
Wolfskin Cripplers - COED 1

Fewest Goals Against: 4
Seamonkeys - COED 2

Best Goal Differential: 23 
Mean Machine - COMPETITIVE
Wolfskin Cripplers - COED 1
Teds Most Best - COED 2
Street Figer - OVER 35

Undefeated Teams
Teds Most Best - COED 2
Wolfskin Cripplers - COED 1
Fluid FC - COED 1
Street Fighter - OVER 35

Use this to inspire you, encourage you, or to fuel your epic comeback. Can't wait to see you all out there. Let's have a beautiful week six.

-YWCO Soccer